As an owner of a loft conversion company within the city of Leeds, I have managed to perform multiple loft conversions within the Leeds area and the United Kingdom for multiple years. As someone who has completed everything from loft conversions to basement conversions in the years that I have been a business owner, I have seen and completed every type of project while encountering every type of problem that you could possibly come across. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that loft conversions, basement conversions or even entire home conversions are not enjoyable or relatively easy projects to complete. Some projects can be a handful at times, but for most projects it really is enjoyable and interesting to complete.

I first started my home conversion career when I was at the age of 19 and first finished my apprenticeship. I began with a home renovation in Liverpool that took a total of 6 months to complete because of the size of the home and the lack of builders on the project. We were understaffed by around half of the necessary people we needed, so we had to create the overall planning of the project to ensure we could still complete it within the deadline. Being the first project that I ever worked on, the scale of the project and the home size itself was really daunting at first. It was something that I hadn’t been able to experience or work on yet, and the actual project made me nervous as I was unsure if I would be able to keep up with the rest of the team and handle the responsibilities given to me.

After the first week, I finally started to feel a bit more comfortable around the work site. It took a while as during the first week I was unable to really navigate my way around the site and the responsibilities that I had to take on. After I was able to assert myself into the team and the project, I started to feel increasingly comfortable. I started to pick up new things that only experience could teach, and I made sure to take each project and renovation as a learning experience for years afterwards. There are always new ways to do things and new things to learn. I also feel that considering the amount of work that was necessary within the home and the actual scale of the project, it was the best possible first project. The task was so daunting, and I had so much work that I needed to do, learning on the job was the easiest way to overcome the nerves that I originally had.

I also felt that I had a slight amount of prestige with the first project that I worked on. Although I am not able to say who the client was, they owned a very large and very nice home that I felt proud to be able to put my mark on. The home was also owned by a very famous celebrity, and unfortunately although I am not allowed to name who it was, I can say that they are very, very popular in the Liverpool area to this day. Smaller things such as this had made my career very enjoyable day to day, and something that I would always cherish both within my life and within my career.