Leeds is a weird place to convert lofts for the home owners within the area. So many of the homes in Leeds are of a different size or design, meaning that unlike other places around England and the United Kingdom where the average home would be suitable for one specific loft conversion, we often must start wildly varying projects. A good example of this would be somewhere such as Manchester. Many of the homes in Manchester are built the same way and with the same design, meaning that the loft conversions can generally be the same. They would usually be hip to gable loft conversions with about 2 rooms worth of space available to the home owner. This isn’t always the case, but the general average means that around 60-70% of the homes would match these criteria.

In Leeds however, you often do not have the same design from home to home. They would either be two floored homes that are unique in design, or 3+ that has little to no loft conversation space and an extension would also need to be created. This is where the homeowners need and requirements can make a few projects somewhat difficult to complete. If the owners home doesn’t have enough space within the existing loft for one room, then you are looking at building an extension rather than a traditional loft conversion. This is further true depending on how many new rooms or how much additional space the home owner would like within the loft.

There was one home that was surprisingly weird to build a loft conversion for. The home itself was built at a slant on the side of a relatively steep hill. The width of the home itself was also strange, since the home itself wasn’t accurately parallel from wall to wall. The overall measurements of the building itself wasn’t consistent from side to side and the overall loft itself was lopsided. The homeowner themselves wanted a hip to gable loft conversion to fit a new bedroom and bathroom within the loft, but it was difficult to complete without having to extend any space within the loft. Usually this isn’t a problem when it comes to some hip to gable loft conversions, but because of the project the home owner wanted us to complete, it took a lot of back and forth and tweaking to ensure that the project had completed to the standard they wanted.

We had to reshuffle the room plans for the loft itself. Although the home owner wanted to place the rooms in a specific way, we had to reorganize so we didn’t compromise the integrity of the bedroom design. While the bathroom was originally closest to the loft entrance, we had to reorganize the loft to make sure the bathroom was on the side of the loft where the walls closed in together. Unfortunately, this hadn’t been the first home we had encountered this issue and it wouldn’t be the last due to the inconsistent nature of the home designs.

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