One of the easiest loft conversions that can be completed in the city of Leeds because of the irregular house shapes are dormer loft conversions. As they act as both a hip to gable loft conversion and an extension of space within the conversion itself, it both provides additional space within the home and allows the correction of the irregular loft and home spaces. This additional extension is useful for multiple needs, from the correction of the uneven walls that connect the loft to the additional rooms that they could provide the home owner. A dormer loft conversion can provide a home owner with two extra rooms within the extension itself depending on what you would like for your home. It also depends on the rooms that the home owner would like to include.

One of the homes my team had to provide a dormer conversion on was very uneven within the loft space. The actual loft itself was very bent in terms of the shape. The end wall met the middle of the floor when compared to the entrance, so we were looking at a very cramped loft without the dormer conversion. Since a dormer conversion is completed in an L-shape, we had to come up with a solution that was the same as a dormer but was cost effective, and not the same as a mansard conversion. A mansard conversion meant the creation of a much larger extension than a dormer, and the additional raw materials and labour hours that a mansard conversion would cost meant it was unfeasible for the home owner. So, we decided that we could save a lot of cost and labour hours by being creative with a dormer loft conversion and creating additional space there.

The project itself was not as difficult as it sounds, as an L-shaped dormer loft doesn’t need to be extending outward for the L to face the back of the home. The L itself can be wrapped around the back of the loft, which is what we decided to do. It allowed us to even out the walls, so they were now parallel to each other with the measurements matching perfectly, and it also allowed more windows within the loft itself. Once the loft was evened out and the walls had matched each other, we decided that the best way to ensure the home owner gets the most out of their loft is to match the rooms around the design, rather than the design around the rooms necessary.

The home owner wanted us to build a large home cinema for the loft instead of building a bedroom and bathroom combination. I decided that it would be easier for us to extend the loft in a way that evened out the walls, but unfortunately would mean that half of the room itself would have an outwards wall. This wasn’t an issue however, since we decided that the back section of the loft would hold the large screen projector and the screen itself. That would allow the cinema section to be completely evened out and looked professional. We covered the outward part of the wall with a small bar that carried drinks and a small fridge for all alcohol, which meant it looked like a nice place to hang out with friends and family.


I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, and tomorrow I want to talk more about loft conversions within the city of Leeds! If you haven’t already, make sure to read some of the other posts!