Absentee ballots: Get yours today!

Why, look what the wind blew in!

All right, it actually arrived in the mail over the weekend. I just wanted to show off my lupines.

They grow wild on our back hill. When we have friends over, they tour our yard and ooh and aah over the progress we’re making in the gardens. That’s all my husband’s territory. We get to the back yard and I say “and these are my lupines!” and everyone’s jaw drops. It’s a sea of purple in late spring/early summer. (You may recognize them from the site banner.)

But back to the ballot. The official wording should be familiar to anyone who attended Town Meeting last month. The infamous Article 20 is BACK!

“Shall the Town of Grafton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to pay for the Feasibility Study to identify potential solutions to the Town’s space needs at Grafton Memorial Senior High School that is located at 24-30 Providence Road, Grafton, MA Map 64, Lot 12, and to fund and Owner’s Project Manager to oversee the feasibility study?”

What isn’t stated: “If you don’t check yes, the state is going to refuse to fund anything we do to solve the space issue, which isn’t going away on its own. The high school will likely lose accreditation as a result. And if you thought it was tough to sell your house in this economy, just try selling your house in a town where the high school has lost its accreditation due to school space issues.”

I suppose I could offer up Lupine Hill as a biology classroom. “Look kids, pollination!” But even the bee buzzing around here knows the June 24 ballot may be the most important one you cast all year. And yes, I say that knowing full well that there’s a presidential election in November.

Which ballot is going to have a more direct effect on your life?

In any case, we’re going the absentee route because we’re taking off for Washington D.C. that week. A neighbor has kindly agreed to update the blog for the election results — while Congressman Neal’s office is giving us a tour of the Capitol, I don’t think that extends to using the congressman’s phones and computer to blog.

Want an absentee ballot of your very own? Simply go to the Town Clerk’s office or call 508-839-5335 x195 and request an application. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO VOTE. Sorry to yell, but that needs to be said. You have until Wednesday to register to vote in this election, whether you’re voting absentee or in person.

Once your application is all filled out, you have until June 23 to bring it into the clerk’s office, either by mail or in person. The actual ballot will then be mailed to you. If you bring everything in person now, they’ll probably just hand it to you then and there since they (obviously) have the ballots in stock. Then you fill in the little bubble — you may remember that from the SAT — seal it all up in the supplied envelopes and either mail it or bring it by hand to the Town Clerk’s office.

Of course, you only vote absentee if you’re going to be out-of-town or have a religious objection to voting on June 24. Otherwise, show up bright and early on June 24.

Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell the woman who asks you to get the tomatoes down from the top shelf for her at Stop & Shop! Get out the vote!

And don’t forget — take some time to stop and smell the flowers.

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